Print Ads on bus in Iran Tehran

wrapping; a bus is one of the grace and effective advertisement , this type of advertising can be described as a moving billboard , In this way because the bus is constantly in the city commute, it will cover a wide range of cities and millions of viewers with your advertise , from North of the city to South of the city and from East of the city  to West of the city , many companies takes this kind of advertising because of the low cost compared to other high-impact advertising, as well as proximity to a large audience of advertising in height this type of bus advertising has been popular among brand owners and products.

We are printing more than 70 percent of Tehran ( IRAN ) buses , and if you have any questions abut stickers and Ads on bus , please feel free to connect us.

Some parts of bus are pretty flat but for the most of it they are a demanding surface to get a flat sticker to adhere to and stay on. Our installation team are highly experienced at working with these films. They treat your print with respect and create a high quality finish for your branding and advertising using advanced application techniques

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