Printing cutting label

We also have another machine that it could print and cut sticker ( vinyl ) at the same time , we can print your file and cut it at same time very carefully , our machine is capable of very precise print and cut labels and stickers has a width of 130 cm , it means your files width must be under 130 cm , and we have no limitation for length , the length could be more than 1000 cm .

We have ability to print and cut self adhesive stickers such as: your logo , printing and cutting the shape of your products , printing and cutting various labels, Printing and cutting walls sticker that need to print specific sections , and more …

We have the ability to print labels and cutting the size of 2 cm to 130 cm ( in width ). We have the ability to print labels as sheets or rolls .

Stickers :

We use perfect stickers for perfect print , we usually print on MCJET sticker ( made in Taiwan ) , and also we have KEMICA ( made in Italy ), UNIFOL ( made in turkey ) , and Chinese ( No name ) , Chinese stickers are very cheap and also UNIFOL is cheaper than MCJET & KEMIKA , you can find MCJET & KEMICA price at our price list page.  

We have three different types of stickers : transparent ( clear ) , glossy  and matt .

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